Bike Servicing & Workshop

Our bike workshop mechanics are best in class. Our workshop has all the necessary tools and parts to get your bike fixed up and back on the road, usually with same day service. If the repair requires a specialist part then we can order it in for you and book your repair as soon as it arrives. Our workshop team are happy to answer customer enquiries and give good honest advice to help you decide what level of service your bike needs.


Standard Service: recommended every 3-6 months $89

Standard Service (Price does not include cost of parts)

    Degrease & clean whole bike
    Re-lube chain & all working parts
    Adjust brakes
    Adjust gears
    Tighten headset
    Check bottom bracket
    Minor True of wheels
    Check and pump up tyres
    Check seat clamp tension
    Tighten head set
    Check and tighten wheel nuts or quick releases
    Check and tighten all accessory mounting bolts
    Check and tighten pedal axles
    Check and tighten crank bolts

Intermediate Service: recommended every 6-12 months $149

 (Price does not include cost of parts)

Includes all of Standard Service, Plus bottom bracket and head set overhaul and includes inner cables.

    Remove bottom bracket, regrease & replace
    Check chain wear
    Check cassette & chain ring wear
    Check pulley wheels on derailleur
    Major True of wheels

Deluxe Service: recommended every 12-18 months $299

 (Price includes cost of parts)
Includes all of Standard Service and Intermediate Service, Plus

    Complete strip down, clean and rebuild bike. Includes inner and outer cables.
    Remove headset bearings, regrease & replace
    Remove, replace & adjust brake cables
    Remove, replace & adjust gear cables
    Remove pedal axles & re-lube


General Workshop: request: POA

In order to give you a transparent overview of pricing for all activities carried out in our workshops, we have listed approximate costs above. All prices serve only as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike. There is a minimum labour charge of $10. We will always happily give you an approximate quote for any jobs not listed. All parts are charged separately.