TACX  Neo 2 Smart Trainer

TACX Neo 2 Smart Trainer

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The pinnacle of indoor bike training, the Tacx NEO Smart, is made even better. On top of immersive features like Road feel, Dynamic Inertia and Descent simulation, this new direct drive also features Pedal stroke analysis. It is without question the most silent, realistic and accurate bike trainer available.

  • Measures the exact position of your left and right leg.
  • Feel the vibrating sensation of riding over cobble stones and gravel.
  • Train on a fixed speed or power level.
  • Improved accuracy of cadence measurement with a contactless capacitive sensor.
  • The only trainer that doesn't need to be calibrated.
  • Intuitive LED lights indicate if you're connected and powered.
  • A foldable frame for easy transport and storage.